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Although our site contains up to date visa information for the United Kingdom (UK) at time of input, other countries of the world will be added when available. Please note that visa requirements can and do constantly change and there usually is a delay before we are advised of any changes. We are therefore unable to guarantee complete accuracy at all times, but in order to provide the best service possible please note that we do on a fortnightly basis check with the Nigerian embassy to make sure their requirements matches our presentation. Thereby eliminating the possibility of mistakes.

In addition we have provided you the user, free access to the Nigerian visa application form and other consular advice to make your visa application as smooth as possible.

Visa to Nigeria can ensure that your tourism visa for Nigeria is obtained in quick time; and with knowledge on the different types of visas available, we can ensure that whether it is a tourist visa, a business visa, a transit visa or long term visa required, we can provide the necessary advice for the application of this Nigeria visa.

Our instructions are simple, and we have created a system in which ease of application from the first contact with Visa to Nigeria to last contact (the point you receive your passport and visa back safely), goes as smoothly, quickly and effectively as possibly.

The first step will be to read and review the requirements for an Nigeria visa. These requirements can be found on our Nigeria tourist visa page if applying for a tourist visa, or our Nigeria business visa page if applying for a business visa. These requirements usually involve 2 passport size photographs, your passport, and additional proof of residence if you do not hold a UK passport, and the completed application forms.

We require two application forms from you; these include a completed Nigeria visa application form which must be done electronically. The instructions for completing this can be found on our PDF online instructions form. If you have any trouble completing this form, then we welcome you to contact us for further support.

The second form required will be our Visa to Nigeria order form. This will allow us to know which visa type you will be applying for, when you are travelling, the return address and also the total cost. There is a section to enter credit and debit card details if this payment method is selected. The form also allows Nigeria visa applicants to select the service that they wish to have.

Once this has been completed, we then require you to send us visa courier or royal mail special delivery the respective documentation to our offices. Once with us, we will commence immediate processing.


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  1. 9-7-2018

    Hello, applications for a visa on arrival must be made in advance and applicants must obtain a pre-approval letter from the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) before travelling. If you have a valid Nigerian residence permit (CERPAC or Green Card) you don’t need a visa to enter Nigeria.

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