Completing Your Visa To Nigeria

VisaToNigeria completes the process form on the applicant’s behalf
VisaToNigeria can assist the traveller in completing the online application form which can be a time consuming process. This is offered as a Premium Service at a cost of £50 in addition to all other service fees and current VisaToNigeria handling fees.

In order to facilitate this, please complete the VisaToNigeria Nigeria Questionnaire which can be found within the VisaToNigeria Application Pack. All questions must be answered as they are mandatory fields on the Nigerian High Commission website.

Online application form fill requests must be received at VisaToNigeria before 15.00 hours the day prior to lodging. Once VisaToNigeria have completed your online application we will email it to you for your signature. A copy of your signature is accepted which may be scanned and emailed back to us.

The consular fee listed below comprises of the Nigerian High Commission’s processing fee, the Nigerian High Commission’s “express service fee” where an express service is requested and a 12.5% postal order surcharge as levied by the High Commission. Please note that this fee is in addition to the visa fee paid online by VisaToNigeria

VisaToNigeria Order Confirmation
For orders placed on the VisaToNigeria website, a copy of the Online Order Confirmation which is sent to you via email, must be submitted.

For all other orders, and where applicable, a completed Manual Order Form should be submitted.

Multiple Entry Applicants
Applicants requesting a multiple entry visa must satisfy the following conditions.

  • If applying for a six month multiple entry visa – have held at least two previous and used single entry Nigerian visas issued by the High Commission in London
  • If applying for a one year multiple entry visa – have held at least one previous and used multiple entry Nigerian visa issued by the High Commission in London

Multiple Entry Applicants must supply current or expired passport that was used for previous travel to Nigeria. Only previous visas that have been used will be considered. Please note that should applicants applying for a multiple visa not statisfy the above conditions, the Nigeria High Commission may issue a single entry visa but at the cost of a multiple. The High Commission’s decision will be final and cannot be contested by CIBT.

Repeat Visitors
Repeat visitors must supply any current or expired passport that was used for previous travel to Nigeria

Processing Time
The Nigerian High Commission has an appointment system for the issuance of visas. Appointment dates are automatically scheduled when the online application process is completed and payment has been made.

During peak periods appointment dates may be several weeks from the initial date of application. For this reason, VisaToNigeria strongly advise clients not to book their travel before their visa has been issued.

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